April 14, 2015

Town Square: Finishing Touches

The Mansfield Town Square

The Mansfield Downtown Partnership and the Town of Mansfield are coordinating the installation of the final pieces of the new Town Square in Storrs Center.

A temporary fence has been installed around the portion of the Town Square in which workers will be adding lights, trellises, and the stage roof. This work is expected to be completed by May 1.

The stage roof will look similar to the above illustration.

The stage roof will complete the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation Pavilion, located in the southwest corner of the Town Square (near the intersection of Royce Circle and Bolton Road Ext.). When not in use as a stage, the roof will provide shade to the steps and walkway.

The stage will become a focal point of the Town Square, with events such as the Celebrate Mansfield Festival centered around it.

Humming House performed at the 2014 Celebrate Mansfield Festival under a tent.
For the 2015 Festival, the stage roof will be in place.

Additional elements in the works are trellises for the landscaped areas flanking the stage. These sculptural elements will complement the red roof of the stage with red, decorative panels.

Lights will be installed around the lawn disc, adding another sculptural element while providing additional lighting to the center of the Town Square.