April 24, 2015

Town Square: Finishing Touches - Part II

The stage roof of the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation Pavilion is taking shape.

Work on the Town Square is progressing with the installation of the trellises, light pylons, and the main structure of the stage roof. The above photo shows two lights flanking the stage. The main support structure is in place, and the roof will be installed in the coming days.

Lights are being installed around the perimeter of the lawn.

The pylons feature perforations to allow light to diffuse from within the columns. They are now positioned around the perimeter of the lawn.

Trellises have been added to the landscaping on both sides of the stage.

Groups of trellises have been installed on both sides of the landscaped areas flanking the stage. These pieces serve both a decorative and a functional purpose. The trellises add height to the landscaped areas, and their red panels echo the red roof of the stage. Red trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) have been planted at their bases and will soon be climbing each trellis.