March 14, 2014

Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center

Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center
23 Royce Circle
Photo: Paterson/Mansfield Downtown Partnership

The Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center is nearing completion. Construction began in the spring of 2013 on this intermodal transportation node that will serve as a bus and bicycle hub and information center.

While interior work is wrapping up, UConn and Windham Region Transit District (WRTD) buses are now stopping at the Nash-Zimmer to their routes. Peter Pan buses will add the Nash-Zimmer to their route this spring.

Among the planned features of the Nash-Zimmer transportation center will be racks, showers, lockers, and storage for bicycle commuters. Exterior bicycle racks are already in use by local cyclists.

A video wall with information about Storrs Center and surrounding cultural and recreational opportunities will be located inside the Center.

The Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center is named for Dennison Nash and Gary Zimmer, two longtime Mansfield residents who were strong advocates for alternative transportation.

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The Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center is expected to open Spring 2014.
Photo: Paterson/Mansfield Downtown Partnership