March 28, 2013

Signs of Spring in Storrs Center

While there is still some snow on the ground, and temperatures have not warmed up quite yet, spring has arrived in Storrs Center!

Construction of One Royce Circle continues with the majority of work on the interior spaces, both the commercial spaces on the first floor and the residential units on the upper floors. Leasing of the apartments, part of The Oaks on the Square, is well underway.

One Royce Circle

The construction of Wilbur Cross Way (formerly referred to as "Village Street") continues. Work will resume on Storrs Road in the coming weeks as the weather improves; the work remaining includes paving and landscaping.  

Meanwhile, the businesses that are open in One, Nine, and Eleven Dog Lane are enjoying the first hints of nice weather.

Moe's Southwest Grill is prepping their outdoor dining area at 1 Dog Lane.
Several restaurants will have outdoor dining available as the weather improves.

It always feels like spring when one steps inside The Flower Pot,
where they are ready to help everyone add some color to their home or workplace.

March 1, 2013

Working through the winter

The current focus of construction of One Royce Circle is on the interior while exterior work continues as weather permits.  One Royce Circle will face the Town Square and will feature commercial uses on the first floor and residential apartments on the upper floors.  This building is expected to open in August 2013.

One Royce Circle

An artist's rendering of One Royce Circle as seen from the future Town Square.

Work has begun on the south end of the project with demolition of three small buildings and site preparation for the construction of a grocery store.

Prepping the site along Storrs Road

Phases 1A and 1B are seen at left on this concept plan of Storrs Center. The future site of the grocery store is shown in green at right.  Wilbur Cross Way (formerly referred to as "Village Street") is currently under construction.
{Click to enlarge the image.}