October 28, 2011

Garage Work, Framing Continues

The blasting of the future site of the parking garage is now complete.  Excavation is underway, and the foundation work will begin soon.

Across the street, the framing of TS-1, the building at the corner of Dog Lane and Storrs Road (Route 195) is nearly complete.  In fact, the roof trusses are now visible.

With TS-1 now at its full height and the installation of steel studs in the first floor commercial spaces underway, it is easy to imagine how the finished building will look.

Image courtesy of BL Companies Architects.

October 25, 2011

What is it?

What is that fuzzy stuff on the steel framing?

It’s fireproofing material.  The material is mixed with water, sprayed onto the framing, and allowed to dry.  Once dry, an independent company tests the thickness to ensure that it is to code.

October 19, 2011

Nearing the top

The framing of the residential levels of TS-1 and DL-1/2 continues.  TS-1, the building at the corner of Storrs Road and Dog Lane, is nearing the top; only one floor to go!  For DL-1/2, which is located on Dog Lane, there are two more floors to be built

The site work for the parking garage is continuing with the clearing of the site now complete.  The stripping is on-going, and there will be intermittent blasting this week to prepare the site

With work on the future parking garage now underway, the construction site has expanded quite a bit.  Visitors to the area should be mindful of the limits of the construction sites.  For the safety of both the public and the workers, no trespassing is permitted.

October 14, 2011

Notice: Blasting

As part of the site work for constructing the parking garage foundations in the bedrock, the contractor will begin blasting on Monday, October 17th and continue for about one week.  The blasting is being done electronically, so two-way radio operation in the area will not affect the operation. A series of standard "short" signals will be given before each blast followed by a long "all-clear" signal. Buildings in the area will be monitored for vibration; most blasts will be heard but not felt.

Traffic Alert

The Town of Mansfield is working on a water line near the Storrs Center construction site.  This work will limit traffic on Dog Lane to one lane, and at times, there may be a need to stop traffic briefly in both directions.  This work is anticipated to continue through next week.

As work progresses on the buildings, the number and frequency of delivery of materials will increase. The general contractor is working to coordinate deliveries as much as possible to minimize any potential traffic impact.  Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians are encouraged to use caution when traveling through the area and to be prepared for possible delays.

October 5, 2011

Construction Continues

The panelized construction of the residential floors is continuing for both TS-1 and DL-1/2 (the former is at the corner of Storrs Road/Route 195, and the latter is along Dog Lane).

The panels arrive bundled together and are lifted onto the building by a crane.  The panels have been custom-made for the buildings.  Installation is an efficient process.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, the steel studs are being installed.  With the studs in place, the outlines of the commercial spaces are becoming visible.

October 3, 2011

Parking Changes

With site work for the parking garage underway, there will be some changes to the parking area behind the Marketplace building (Store 24 building) to accommodate construction vehicles.

Parking will be limited to employees and customers of the businesses located in the Marketplace building only.  The parking area will be monitored.  After many warnings to alert people to the changes, as of October 10, cars which have been parked for longer than the allotted time or which do not belong to employees or customers will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The parking area will be changed to provide adequate space for the construction vehicles to maneuver the site while maintaining safety for pedestrians and motorists in the area.

Questions regarding parking changes may be emailed.